Door Knock continues in Sunnybank Hills

Police Liaison Officer, Ken Rong, checks this home’s security


Police from the Centenary Crime Prevention Unit continued their door knocking campaign in Sunnybank Hills on Wednesday evening with a view to encouraging residents to practice sound home security measures. The team visited 72 homes and provided advice, answered questions and assisted residents.

lock the door

A lock is not a lock unless it is locked


After the previous door knocking evening Senior Constable Sarah Elis wrote “Remember…a lock is not a lock unless it is locked!”.

Perhaps we can add “An alarm is not an alarm unless it is set”. Some homes have alarm systems but residents don’t always arm them when they leave their homes.


Senior Constable Ellis and the Centenary Crime Prevention Unit team are committed to reducing crime in the area but they can’t do it by themselves; residents need to use their existing security the way it was intended to be used. The unit can assist with advice about home security and can conduct free Home Security Assessments for residents – simply call 3131 7381 or email [email protected] if you would like some help.



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